New Year 1441

Today marks the beginning of our new year 1441 May Allah make it Mubarak with good fortune and Iman; with peace and Islam and with Tawfiq to do what Allah loves and is pleased with.

Get 50% off one or more of these lecture series Simply use the discount code FEB50 when you check out. Promotion valid through Feb 28, 2017     Women in the Quran 14 sessions The journey begins with a discourse on the overarching theme of the ahl or family. Aadam and his wife, married in the…

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The Rahmah Of Saum

Less than three hours ago, soon after the taraweeh of this tenth night, Shaykh Amin delivered a casual talk on the Rahmah of saum. As always, nothing casual about the content. This 24-minute session (provided for free below) is packed with gems surrounding the crown jewel that is the Rahmah of, and in, fasting.  …

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The People of the Marrow

Last night, the fourth of Ramadan, we listened to a recitation of Aali-‘Imraan over taraweeh. After leading the witr salaat, Shaykh Amin delivered a short commentary on the concluding verses of the surah. “This surah is meant for Jews and Christians,” he remarked before he delivered an exposition of: اُولِى الۡاَلۡبَابِ. That phrase is often translated as men…

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