New Year 1441

Today marks the beginning of our new year 1441

May Allah make it Mubarak with good fortune and Iman; with peace and Islam and with Tawfiq to do what Allah loves and is pleased with.

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Women in the Quran

14 sessions
The journey begins with a discourse on the overarching theme of the ahl or family. Aadam and his wife, married in the heavens and reunited on earth to fulfill their marriage, were the constituents of the first ahl. From there, Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia plunges us into the depths of the Quran and Sunnah, and brings to light many fascinating insights into the lives of some of the most prominent women mentioned in the Quran, with commentaries on their noteworthy qualities. More

Hikam Ibn ‘Ata Illah

25 sessions
Ibn ‘Ata’ Illah’s Book of Aphorisms (al-Hikam al-’Ata’iyya) is one of his most well-known works. Being one of his earlier compositions, it comprises what is contained in the lengthier and shorter works of the Sufis with greater clarity and concision. Commentators have mentioned that the Hikam comprises four sciences of Sufism: the science of admonition and reminding, purifying spiritual works and acquiring the inner virtues, realization of spiritual states (ahwal) and stations (maqamat) and knowledge bestowed from the Divine Presence. More

Qasiah Al-Burdah

7 sessions
The Qasidah Al-Burdah Al-Shareef (The Poem of the Mantle) is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and profound poetic works praising the person of the last Messenger (may Allah send His prayers and peace upon him). In this lecture series conducted in 2003, Shaykh Amin provides the listener with the background and mindset necessary to read the work with understanding, develop a sense of love for the Prophet (S) and appreciate the intricacies of the nafs, all while sharing insightful interpretations of the first thirty-four couplets of the poem. More

Presenting Islam Responsibly, And Doing It The American Way

Shaykh Amin’s ‘Eid al-Fitr khutbah:

This is an intense and relevant sermon coming at a time when Muslims in the west are struggling to strike a balance on the tightrope of Muslim representation. This talk reminds us that it doesn’t really matter if you fall to the right or to the left – falling puts our salvation in jeopardy.

In this 30-minute talk, the Shaykh connects with his audience in simple language as he takes several steps back from the trees to help us see the forest. As with all his talks, he leaves us with a clear view of the path forward. And as always, it is a call to action.

The Rahmah Of Saum

Less than three hours ago, soon after the taraweeh of this tenth night, Shaykh Amin delivered a casual talk on the Rahmah of saum. As always, nothing casual about the content. This 24-minute session (provided for free below) is packed with gems surrounding the crown jewel that is the Rahmah of, and in, fasting.


Some of the salient points in this talk:

  • Why mercy does not do justice as a translation of Rahmah
  • Ramadan burns you now, so you never have to burn in the Hereafter
  • Sarf (Arabic morphology) our main recourse to the intuitive understanding of the Companions
  • Umar Al-Farooq ibn Al-Khattab (Allah be pleased with him) being synonymous with Islam – “the difference-maker”
  • Rain, as Rahmah for the farmer, likened to the pleasure awaiting the fasting believer
  • the two greatest delights for the believer

The People of the Marrow

Last night, the fourth of Ramadan, we listened to a recitation of Aali-‘Imraan over taraweeh. After leading the witr salaat, Shaykh Amin delivered a short commentary on the concluding verses of the surah.

“This surah is meant for Jews and Christians,” he remarked before he delivered an exposition of: اُولِى الۡاَلۡبَابِ. That phrase is often translated as men of understanding, or more loosely as men of wisdom. But Shaykh Amin went with a literal translation: the people of the marrow, i.e. the people of the lubb

One has to listen to the entire talk to appreciate the profundity of his translation, and recognize what it takes to be among the people of the marrow.

The Spirit of Religions (BBC Local Radio)

Shaykh Amin was recently invited by BBC Local Radio to represent Islam in a debate/discussion titled The Spirit of Religions. Part 1 is now available.

Part 2 will be made available next week and I believe the more interesting issues are touched upon in that half.

Now Available – Welcoming Ramadan


Six insight-packed lectures delivered over the last five years. We threw in the most recent one as well, the Pre-Ramadan talk from this past Sunday. That last one is free, available below for your convenience.


Here’s a quick summary of contents.

The Oasis of Ramadansunset

This is a classic, must-listen. The apparent paradox in the title is profound.

The Ever-Renewing Quran

A great motivator to get that mushaf open and recite. Recite to listen, and listen to worship.

Optimizing The Benefits of Ramadan

A well-rounded presentation covering the physical benefits of fasting, and insights on how to harness the more lasting spiritual benefits.

The Etiquettes Of Ramadan

The month of fasting has often been referred to as a guest. And as with every guest, there are etiquettes that must be observed by the host. This one will get you ready and waiting at a personal level.


This is a heavy listen. Subhan Allah for the motivational content of this lecture. Forty minutes of what the Night of Power is really about, and how the pious predecessors followed the prophetic example in receiving it. Learn how it helped them plan for and beyond an entire lifetime.

The Wife of Imran & The Purity of Maryam

Two more hours from the Women in the Quran lecture series are now individually available.

These sessions provide a profound understanding of the mother of Maryam and how her own miraculous conception was a sign of the great honor awaiting her daughter. These sessions are indispensable to fully appreciating the trials these two women faced and how they emerged from them, strong and pure.