Now Available – Welcoming Ramadan


Six insight-packed lectures delivered over the last five years. We threw in the most recent one as well, the Pre-Ramadan talk from this past Sunday. That last one is free, available below for your convenience.


Here’s a quick summary of contents.

The Oasis of Ramadansunset

This is a classic, must-listen. The apparent paradox in the title is profound.

The Ever-Renewing Quran

A great motivator to get that mushaf open and recite. Recite to listen, and listen to worship.

Optimizing The Benefits of Ramadan

A well-rounded presentation covering the physical benefits of fasting, and insights on how to harness the more lasting spiritual benefits.

The Etiquettes Of Ramadan

The month of fasting has often been referred to as a guest. And as with every guest, there are etiquettes that must be observed by the host. This one will get you ready and waiting at a personal level.


This is a heavy listen. Subhan Allah for the motivational content of this lecture. Forty minutes of what the Night of Power is really about, and how the pious predecessors followed the prophetic example in receiving it. Learn how it helped them plan for and beyond an entire lifetime.