Qasidah Al-Burdah

Introduction And Orientation To The Qasidah Al-Burdah

7 hour-long sessions

The Qasidah Al-Burdah Al-Shareef (The Poem of the Mantle) is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and profound poetic works praising the person of the last Messenger (may Allah send His prayers and peace upon him). In this lecture series conducted in 2003, Shaykh Amin provides the listener with the background and mindset necessary to read the work with understanding, develop a sense of love for the Prophet (S) and appreciate the intricacies of the nafs, all while sharing insightful interpretations of the first thirty-four couplets of the poem.

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Session 1
Background. This session introduces the story behind the Burdah Al-Shareef, the idea of loving the Prophet (S), and manifesting it through intense praise for him. Shaykh Amin talks about the numerous merits of loving the Prophet (S) through examples of the rightly guided companions.

Session 2
In this continuation to the introduction, Shaykh Amin elaborates on the merits of loving the Prophet (S), and talks about the etiquettes of being with the Messenger. The true place of the Messenger in all of creation is presented with awe-inspiring references to the words of Ibn Arabi and Imam Al-Busiri (may Allah have mercy on them both). The rest of the session is intensely revealing as the many subtleties conveyed in the opening couplet of the Burdah are discussed.

Session 3
A continued exposition of the opening couplet and the following eight couplets. The take away from this session is the essence of true love. Love destroys all pleasure and hardship before you until it (love) is all that is left.

Session 4
In the first part of the session, the poet entertains the advice of the nafs, while in the second part, through a seamless transition, the tables turn as the poet becomes the advisor and counsels the nafs.

Session 5
Shaykh Amin elaborates on the nafs and its many states as alluded to by Imam Busiri in the initial couplets. The trickery of the nafs is subtle, growing subtler with each state.

Session 6
Shaykh Amin explains the idea put forth by the poet of controlling the nafs: the idea that every individual is a shepherd over his/her flock of which the largest sheep is the nafs.

Session 7
The session begins with couplet twenty-six. Shaykh Amin emphasizes the Imam’s focus on the loftiness of the Sunnah and how a full following of it is far more cumbersome than one may think. The session ends with a discussion of the qualities of the Prophet (S), his perpetual state of servitude to the Divine, and the paradox inherent in true leadership whereby true leadership comes to only those who seek no part in it.

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