Implementing an Islamic Paradigm for Muslim Schools

Living in the West, educators have the daunting task of imparting faith based knowledge and wisdom while using a secular curriculum whose foundation is rationalism and scientific reason. How does the epistemology of modern education square with revelation? How do we resolve the tension between faith and reason in modern education? The challenges educators face are cross- curricular with neoliberalism in the social sciences, atheistic challenges of evolution in the hard sciences, economic challenges with intellectual rationalism all leading to cognitive dissonance where Faith requires us to believe in one thing and modern education, the exact opposite.

A discerning mind who has dwelled into traditional Islamic education and Western thought for more than three decades has taken on this daunting task of reconciling between faith and reason for Muslim educators residing in Western lands. Shaykh Amin Kholwadia, founder of Darul Qasim in Chicago, will be presenting a 4 hour Professional Development session for Bay Area educators trusted with raising the next generation of American Muslims. This highly interactive session will focus on:

  • The epistemology (3 sources) of Islamic knowledge
  • Moral parameters of education
  • Paradigms and theories of education
  • Concrete examples of how to integrate an Islamic mono-philosophy into a curriculum

This talk was delivered in Mar 2018 at the Muslim Community Center of East Bay in Pleasanton, CA.