From Principles to Patients

Defining an Approach to Islamic Bioethics

Muslim practitioners are considering how Islamic principles and practice can effectively add value to their numerous fields of expertise and even perhaps provide alternative paradigms. Islamic intellectual history shows us that our civilizational values have always offered profound insights that have improved the quality of life for all in this mundane life. 

To join in on such conversations, Darul Qasim College invites health professionals and students to attend a one-day conference on Islamic Bioethics from an uṣūlī (principles-based) approach. Lecturers include physicians and medical students who have studied Islamic Bioethics under Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia. By the end of the conference, attendees will get a glimpse of the collaboration between ʿulāmaʾ and health professionals in answering some of the most pressing questions in the field of bioethics. Topics include reproductive rights, ethical principles in practice, an introduction to the uṣūlī bioethics perspective, Islamic epistemology, and Islamic ontology. Attendees are encouraged to ponder how their field of work can benefit from Islamic Bioethical principles and research.